In the current context of crisis and uncertainty, organisations must learn how to make adjustments to face new business challenges. Now more than ever, we need a New Style of Relationships (NER) favouring transparency, confidence, responsibility and commitment in organisations. An environment where expensive control mechanisms are now longer necessary, where people share a purpose and success is a common goal.

The path to a new culture, based on a new way of thinking and a new form of organisation, can be a fascinating, albeit difficult, journey. How can we orient our organisations towards a common goal, achieved by means of self-management and responsibility? What does distributed leadership mean and how can we implement it in our organisations? What can we do to engage everybody in our organisations?

In response to the needs of this new reality, we are introducing the 11th NER BY K2K Online Advanced Seminar, in English, starting on January 13th and ending on February 11th. The seminar is the result of the expertise and experience gathered by the K2K Emocionando team over more than two decades facing new business challenges and participating in more than 70 transformation processes.

Since we started giving the Ner By K2K Seminars we have received more than 230 professionals from different parts of the world -Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, United States, Mexico, Uruguay, Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal and different places in Spain- who are looking for satisfactory references of advanced management to achieve more human and economically sustainable organizations in the long term.

The seminar, unfolding over five weeks, activates the SENSE/THINK/DO process.

  • There will be Zoom (online) meetings on Wednesdays and Thursdays, consisting of interactive activities where you can SENSE the New Style of Relationships (NER). There will be special guests at the sessions: Ner Group company collaborators, coordinators and owners who will share their organisational transformation experiences and discuss their current situation, working with NER.
  • Between sessions, seminar participants will have access to videos and reading materials, as well as to exercises to do in small groups. They are expected to spend two hours reading, watching videos and doing exercises between sessions.

The 11th NER BY K2K Online Advanced Seminar is targeted at people who, out of personal or professional interest (current job position, future goals, etc.), want to get familiar with the values, skills and tools that might help them redesign their business organisations to meet future challenges.

Find out about the details of the program, methodology, tuition fees, read the testimonials of the people who have already participated, watch the videos and reserve your place. We are waiting for you!