Sentimos. Pensamos. Hacemos.

NER by K2K


I channel my energy, knowledge, experience and skills into accompanying people on their path to sustainable organisational transformation within a new, people-oriented paradigm in which honesty, equality, freedom and trust are the main values. Every day, I discover the value of people moving towards a better world, and I feel comfortable leading this evolution. I’m a curious man who likes to learn something new and to embark on a new adventure every day. In 2012, as CEO of Lékué, I was awarded the National Innovation and Design Prize.


I was born in 1967 on the outskirts of Barcelona. I’m a chemical engineer and I have an MBA. My need to connect with people has driven me to learn languages and travel the world, carrying out personal and professional projects along the way. A few years ago, I focused on the understanding of the users and the people who make organisations, in an effort to improve their lives while making their businesses more profitable. 

I worked in a multinational chemical company in Germany and then I established my own business, which I sold a few years later. Then I led the sales area and the internationalisation of a Catalan firm and in 2004, I took over Lékué with my financial partners. We turned the organisation upside down, and this meant a huge personal transformation for me as well. After this, I was one of the leaders of a family-run business in the manufacturing industry. It was a happy and successful enterprise.

I’m a proud sponsor of Espigoladors, a foundation that gives a second chance to both people and food by fighting food waste. Also, I’m a member of the executive committees or boards of several design and business organisations, and I’ve been a business mentor for the past ten years.

Cycling has been my passion since I was ten years old. I ride a bike as a hobby and for tourism. For a few years, I also rode for sport. I’m still vice-president of the Catalan Cycling Federation.

I’m married and I’m the father of a son and three daughters, who are learning to build a better world as they grow up. I truly believe in putting people first, in freedom and in making people equal.