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I was born in Ordizia on March 26, 1971, I was born in Ordizia on March 26, 1971, but I’ve been living in Idiazabal since 1999. I’m married and I’m a father of two.

I was born in Ordizia on March 26, 1971, but I’ve been living in Idiazabal since 1999. I’m married and I’m a father of two.

I’m a lawyer from the University of Salamanca (1995) and I hold two master’s degrees, an LLM in Legal Practice from the University of Navarra (1996) and an MSc in HR Management from ESIC (1997).

I’ve been part of K2K Emocionando since 2007 – a team led by Koldo Saratxaga- to promote, drive and lead radical transformations in business organisations for outstanding results at all levels.

I’ve led transformation processes in several companies, including Logos S. Coop. (kitchen and bathroom furniture and fittings, 55 employees), Arreche, S.A. (bar turning,40 employees), Tecniglass Vidrios, S.L. (solutions for the glass industry, 40 employees), Aluminios Ampuero, S.A. (aluminium windows, 50 employees), Amenabar, S.A. (chains and hoists, 40 employees), Lanik, S.A. (structural solutions, 70 employees), Urtxintxa (education and training, 35 employees), Oriamendi, S.L. (gardening, 15 employees), Oñati City Council (public administration, 90 employees), Goiko, S.A. (induction hardening, 40 employees), Lejarreta Seguridad, S.L. (security services, 15 employees), Ikena S.A. (construction and renovation, 30 employees) and Gashor S. Coop. (baking equipment, 40 employees), and I’ve implemented the New Style of Relationships (ner) in INER S. Coop. (precision machining, 40 employees), ), Burdinola S. Coop. (laboratory equipment, 90 employees) and AMPO S. Coop. (metal casting and valve manufacturing, 500 employees).

My other activities include being part of working teams at Ner Group, teaching at the Executive MBA Programme of the Gipuzkoa Chamber of Commerce (2010-present), and delivering lectures at the University of the Basque Country, the University of Deusto, Mondragon University, the University of Granada and the Open University of Catalonia, among others.

In addition, I’m a regular speaker at the Gipuzkoa Business Association (ADEGI), the Spanish Association for HR Management and Development (AEDIPE), the Burgos Business Club, the Andalusia Graduate School of Business (ESNA), the Atlantic Logistic Forum (ALF) and the Navarra Social Economy Business Association (ANEL). Also, I’m the author of‘Cuando la propiedad no quiere ceder el poder’ (2011)and one of the authors of ‘Experiencias NER 2011’ and ‘Experiencias NER 2014

Before joining K2K Emocionando, I was business manager at Matz-Erreka S. Coop. (Mondragon Corporation), a company based in Antzuola, Gipuzkoa, specialising in precision moulding. With 100 employees, it has manufacturing facilities in the Basque Country, Mexico and the Czech Republic. For Matz-Erreka, I worked to make the plant in Querétaro, Mexico, more cost-efficient, established the plant in the Czech Republic and launched an organisation-wide project to create multidisciplinary teams.

Between 1997 and 2004, I was HR manager in three different companies: Alcampo Oiartzun (1997-1999, retail, 250 employees), Grupo Ramón Vizcaíno (1999-2002, industrial cooling, 400 employees and branches in every province in Spain) and Maier, S. Coop. (2002-2004, plastic injection moulding for the automotive industry, 300 employees, based in Navarra Throughout my career, I’ve been interested in people-focused organisational models.