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NER by K2K


I’m always looking for ways to connect personal development with business sustainability. I have a knack for finding the connections between the parts and the whole. I enjoy learning, connecting and sharing emerging ways of organising work. I like working with revolutionary people who transform work into self-fulfilment and joy. I help managers find their way to humanising business and lay the foundation of their future organisations.

Born in Mexico, I graduated as an accountant and auditor. My first job was with Price Waterhouse, where I audited financial statements. I also worked in the management of various companies. At 23, I felt the need to give meaning to my life, so I quit the corporate world to join the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit. Being part of their community, I got a degree in Philosophy and had powerful experiences of self-knowledge and acquaintance with the realities of different people in Mexico and other countries. After this deep human and social experience, which took me seven years, I was faithful to my instincts again and returned to the world of organisations.

I joined Grupo Bimbo, a Mexican company that is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of baking products, where I worked for nine years. I was in charge of HR training and development. In 1984, I was involved in the implementation of a total quality management system.

My years at Bimbo were busy years during which I gained knowledge and experience, and trained the managers and staff in order to build a corporate culture that led to productivity with social responsibility and a humane side. During those years, I walked side by side with the people at every level in the company, experiencing the friction between productivity and human capital as it translated into our daily reality.

In 1993, I wanted to work on my own, so I left Bimbo and set up my own consulting firm. I was eager to share what I’d learnt, helping more organisations become more productive and more humane too. En 1984 llegó la filosofía de calidad a la Organización y participé en la implantación del sistema de Calidad Total.


From 1993 to 2017, I sat on the fence between action and thought. I wanted to understand how efforts to improve systems and culture worked. I went into as many relevant disciplines as I could: statistical process control, teamwork, BSC, appreciative inquiry, coaching, systemic approach, management skill development, and so on. I wanted to put all those concepts into practice, and to imbue the theory with practical notions too. There were some achievements, but it was from the failures that I learnt the most. There was something I couldn’t quite grasp: too much effort for such short-lived achievements. People and organisations were still trapped.

When, in 2017, I read Reinventing Organizations and heard about K2K Emocionando, I understood that what we needed was a New Style of Relationships (NER). I put consultancy aside and explored the organisations that had succeeded in their transformations. It was a dream come true: people brought their human side to the workplace and worked smartly and efficiently together for a higher goal that filled the entire organisation with energy. 

I’m currently working with K2K Emocionando on the implementation of NER in Latin America, accompanying organisations in their transformations. In an effort to promote this new style of work and to boost organisational efforts, I work with several groups and movements, such as Transformar Organizaciones y Reimagina 2030 Our achievements include translating Reinventing Organizations into Spanish (with Corporate Rebels), sharing 130 videos by Frederic Laloux with Spanish subtitles and developing a wiki for this author and his ideas.