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NER by K2K


I’m an optimistic, determined, committed and decent man who loves learning and is always trying to find meaning in life. I’m happy in the world of solutions, where you can tackle the root of problems.

It’s my ambition to make organisations more humane, more liveable and more sustainable in financial, social and environmental terms, so that they can be a driving force for transformation in a society that calls for a change of paradigm.


I studied Business Administration and got an MBA in Economic and Financial Management and a Diploma in General Management from ESADE. Despite my academic background, specialising in finance, what I’m really interested in is people. I want people to be at the centre of organisations, so that they can give their best, build robust relationships based on trust and common good, and make organisations that produce wealth, wellbeing and sustainability.

For almost 20 years, I worked in the financial area in companies such as Catalana Occidente, Caixa Manresa and CatalunyaCaixa, among others, specialising in business development. In the past 10 years, I led several business teams, becoming the regional manager of a network comprising 25 bank branches in Catalonia

Since 2014, I’ve been a facilitator of change, specialising in organisational transformations and leadership development. 

I guide people and organisations in their embracing a self-conscious, self-managed organisational culture based on trust, transparency and freedom with responsibility, knowing they can have a positive role in today’s society.

I’ve led dozens of transformation processes, training and accompanying leaders and teams in multinational corporations including Saint-Gobain, Heineken, ICL, Schreiber Foods, Aegon Seguros, Grupo Menarini, Puig, DENSO, and many others.

I joined the K2K Emocionando in mid-2018 as a collaborator and facilitator of the New Style of Relationships (NER) in Catalonia, helping organisations make deep changes and lay the foundations for participatory, supportive and committed horizontal structures. Currently, I’m working on the transformation of Deerns Spain, Som Connexió and Fundació Inform, among others.