Sentimos. Pensamos. Hacemos.

As living organisms, organisations are able to adapt, reinvent themselves and evolve in response to new needs and big challenges, making a significant contribution to the development of a more equitable, more humane and more sustainable society.

K2K Emocionando is a living organisation. Ainara, Alicia, Jabi, Joana, Koldo, Pablo, Peio, Óscar and Xavier are fully involved, sharing their thoughts, actions and feelings in an environment that encourages personal freedom and gives a sense of collective purpose. Our approach to transformation leads to ongoing learning. We are aware that, just like every person is unique, every organisation is unique too, so the New Style of Relationships (NER) must be adapted to take into account the idiosyncrasy and the context of every organisation we work with.

This framework, and the idea that collective intelligence is one of the most powerful and effective tools we can use in volatile, complex environments, have guided our evolution, aimed at improving our proposal and adjusting it to organisations’ needs for change and to the emerging demands of individuals and of mankind at large.

An evolving organisation is an organisation that is alive, no matter how big or small. At K2K Emocionando, we evolve because we think, we act and we feel, because we live in the present, with people, and we experience things together. Since we want to be consistent with the principles of transparency and generosity that characterise NER, as well as with the values we stand for, we would like to share the keys of our own evolution over the past few years.

These keys will be shared in eigth chapters. Each chapter includes an article, a video featuring one of the members of our team and an illustration. Here we are going to reveal the chapter titles only: “Looking up“, “Willing to Share”, “Redesigning Services”, “Territorial transformation”, “Growing Horizontally”, “The Importance of Communication”, “The road to digitalisation” and “Being Free to Experiment”.

And we are saving a surprise for the end. We are starting next week. See you!