Sentimos. Pensamos. Hacemos.

NER by K2K

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Transparency and generosity are essential in the new style of relationships, and in coherence with these two values – coherence is also essential in the ner – we share our experiences, our ideas, our experiences. We like to talk about what we experience and that may be of some use to other people and organisations, or to awaken some concern, idea, question, in short, to sow some seed, however small it may be, and that it may bear fruit at some point. That’s why the K2K books were born., to share experiences and knowledge and, beyond that, to create the desired space and time to capture broad experiences – such as the biography of a project or the journey of the ner over the course of a whole year – and to give them a future projection that we understand to be greater than that of a talk, a page on a blog or an update on a social network. In short, the space and time of a book.

Experiences ner 2015

This is our fifth book ‘Experiencias ner’ told by its protagonists in the Basque Country. We expose realities that we believe to be novel and that can be the seed for them to take root somewhere and become a source of new experiences and satisfactions that create wellbeing.

Experiences ner 2014

What we find today in the ‘new style of relationships’ (ner) ? ? What is it now, after more than two decades of life, at 22 years made by ner? Experiencias ner 2014′, in line with the two previous volumes, announces answers that come from lives rather than letters.

Experiences ner 2013

“Sentimientos, Pensamientos y Realidades” is a diaphanous window that Koldo Saratxaga wishes to open onto his life over the last two decades. This text needs to be changed, as well as the other texts.

Experiences ner 2012.

‘ner’ is a unique way of feeling, thinking and doing in organisational relations that exists thanks to the almost 1,500 restless, non-conformist and iconoclastic people involved in ner group projects.

Experiences ner 2011

It’s been just over six years since we started K2K emocionando, with the fundamental idea of collaborating with organisations, such as SMEs, that wanted to make substantial, one might say radical, changes in their organisations.

Success was confidence

This book was born out of a desire to show how this profound experience has developed to its successful conclusion. A success that can be summed up in one key, which is none other than the trust between all its actors.

When ownership does not want to give up power

A project based on people who, with freedom, responsibility, participation and commitment, respond efficiently and sustainably to the challenges of this new era.

Sentimientos, Pensamientos y Realidades

“Sentimientos, Pensamientos y Realidades” is a diaphanous window that Koldo Saratxaga wishes to open onto his life over the last two decades.

Symphony or Jazz?

Is there a link between music and business? A company is often equated with an orchestra.

A new style of relationships

ÉXITO. As simple as writing or pronouncing this word is to make it a reality.