Sentimos. Pensamos. Hacemos.

This is the sixth instalment in the series “Organisations that reinvent themselves to continue evolving,” eight chapters on the key factors in our own transformation in recent years. In the first instalment, we looked back at our moment of exploration, of inspiration, of lifting our gaze; in the second chapter we talked about our vocation to share; in the third instalment we explained how we have progressively redesigned our services in response to new demands. In the fourth instalment, we shared something that we had never done before: the transformation of a territory. We dedicated the fifth chapter to our horizontal growth. It is now time to explain the centrality of communication in processes of change, in general, and in ours, in particular.

The flow of information and communication is one of the main pillars of the New Style of Relationships. There is no self-management without freedom and responsibility to make decisions; and this cannot happen without free and responsible access to all information, that is, without transparency.

Real transparency means that everyone has easy and direct access to all information, especially to information that helps them to take shared responsibility in decision-making. This consideration when looking internally within organisations is also a consideration made by K2K Emocionando about its external communications with our community.

The evolution of K2K Emocionando has also had an important reflection in our external communication and how we interact with the people and agents we come into contact with. In 2017, we renewed and strengthened our own brand and designed a new website to facilitate access to all the freely downloadable resources, tools, articles, interviews, videos, and books available. Since then, more than 55,000 people have visited this page and its sections in which we share our practices, ideas, and experiences. We like to talk about what we are experiencing in the hopes that it may be useful to other people or organisations, or to spark in them concerns, ideas, or questions.

Every day we strive to deliver value through our digital communication channels; social media, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, have allowed us to engage in real contact on a daily basis, also on an international level, with people who are seeking references and inspiration to start their own journey of transformation. Moreover, active listening allows us to enter into relationships and generously offer information to people and agents who talk about evolutionary purpose, fulfilment, and self-management in organisations, who are seeking information or inspiration, and with whom we share values.

Our own communication actions, developed through our channels or at organised events, as well as our sustained presence in conventional media, in combination with our participation in conferences, lectures, and master classes organised by other entities, have strengthened our project by demonstrating a coherent proposal, one that is consistent with our values. Communicative actions, the force of the videos we create, the articles we publish, and so on, leave a trail that builds a story around the path we have travelled in recent years. This change in image, content, formats, and communicative actions has significantly increased the visibility and recognition of the K2K Emocionando proposal, as well as of the people who are part of our team. We talk about people and, in this sense, the people who follow us want to know all about the team that works at K2K Emocionando, as shown by the number of visits to our ‘meet the team’ pages.

Over this time, we have integrated into our processes the importance of measuring and analysing the impact of communication because, unless we measure, it is hard to improve. This analysis has also helped us to identify new opportunities, with people from Latin America, the United States, and Europe.