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Ner Ignites

Are you an entrepreneur who feels as your business grows the magic fades? Do you feel uneasy with the traditional ways of management that assume some have power over others? Are you tired of providing solutions, but don’t know how to create the space for your team to grow into becoming solution makers themselves? Are you concerned about the economical sustainability of your business?

We say that not just because it is nice to hear. We say it because we have seen it happen in organisations over and over again. We have an extensive track record supporting organisations in their transformation journeys to a New Style of Relationships (NER), and the results are mind blowing. In average organisations double their volume, triple their bottom line, whilst they increase salaries, share profits, without firing one person.

We have good news for you. There is a way for your organisation to flourish, grow and succeed. The key resides on the people, and how they relate to each other. When we are treated like adults we behave like adults. When we are given freedom we act responsibly. When there is transparency we trust. When there is generosity we commit. And then we all succeed.

In response to the needs of small enterprises, we present our 9 month Ner Ignites programme, an evolution from the NER Inspira programmes we held in the Basque Country for 3 years in a row with over 50 businesses and over 200 participants. Ner Ignites concentrates, and systematizes, the knowledge and experience of more than two decades and more than 100 transformation processes carried out by the K2K Emocionando team.

Who Is Ner Ignites For?

This programme is designed for owners and employees of small businesses who would like to turn their organisations into human centered workplaces that can successfully face all the business (and world) challenges we are facing.

We will take you through the details of our approach, and help you develop your action plans so you can gradually start implementing this new style in your organisations, alongside with us, during the next 9 months.

We are looking to form a cohort of 6-10 organisations so that you will also have the possibility to form a community of practice. A safe space where you can share your experiences and learn together.

The business owner from each organisation should participate in all or most of the sessions (especially the initial ones), and the expectation is that several people from the organisation participate as well (maximum of 5 participants each session, but can be rotated each month).

As we go along the journey we will reach several key milestones (go/no go moments) where you and your organisation will collectively have to decide if you would like to continue or not, as it is very important that everyone who embarks in this journey is convinced they want to do it.


The programme includes 11 sessions (each 4hrs long) and 2 hours of mentoring per month throughout the duration of the programme. If you wish additional mentoring or more bespoke support that involves visiting your organisation, we can arrange it for and additional charge (see extras sections).
During the first two sessions we will perform a deep dive in the values and typical practices of a K2K Emocionando transformation, and also get to know you and your business.
Ner Ignites

At the 3rd month, once everyone in the organisation is familiar with this New Style we expect you to hold your first general assembly to decide collectively if you want to go ahead.

Then we will enter a co-creation design phase that will last 2-3 months where we will support you designing your new bespoke “operating system”.

Finally, on the last months we will support you during the roll out of this new operating system, and to navigate through the typical roller coaster organisations experience when they perform a profound change.

We will also have the support of Tuff Leadership who will facilitate 4 sessions where you will learn and practice about direct feedback, adult to adult conversations and practice a new “way of being” that is less directive and is conducive for colleagues to develop & grow.



In the Alignment phase we will cover the values of the new style, and the practices that come with them. Every owner and employee of each organisation needs to understand and feel an alignment with these values and what they mean, before deciding to go ahead with this transformation. With the Tuff team you will also get to dissect your own style and understand which ways of being no longer serve you and which ones you want to adopt, as you transition to a new style. This phase will culminate with a general vote by all employees where at least 80% need to want to embark in this journey.


During the Co-creation phase, and once the organisation has decided to go ahead, we will support you in the design of your new Operating rhythm and organisational design. We will review roles and responsibilities, salaries and key performance indicators, and help you co-create with your teams how you would like your new organisation to operate and look like. Once de design is completed, it is time to turn on the lights.


In the Roll Out phase we will do just that. You will start operating in the ‘new paradigm’ and we will support you fine tune how you work in real time. We will cover topics such as meeting effectiveness, decision making, and with the Tuff team you will continue to practice a new way of being, as you operate with a new style.

ner ignites programme phases
If at any time you decide this is not for you, you can drop off from the programme and you do not need to continue paying the monthly fees.

Aditional services


If you would like to have additional (the programme includes 2 mentoring hours per month) hours of personalized mentoring or coaching, you can purchase them at €200/hour.


Depending on the size and complexity of your organisation, it might be useful to organize a visit by one of our K2K Emocionando consultants to your business. Two full days would cost 4.500€, plus the travel and accommodation that would be charged separately.

How to register

Before attending Ner Ignites, you need to register by filling in the form below, which includes personal information, a short biography and a short statement telling us why you are interested in this programme: 

Once you have registered, you will be contacted by a member of the K2K Emocionando team for an interview, where you will get to know each other and you will be able to ask questions.