Sentimos. Pensamos. Hacemos.

Over the last few years, K2K has undergone transformations that we have shared in recent weeks through a series of eight chapters entitled “Organisations that reinvent themselves to keep evolving“, in a combination of articles, videos and illustrations. These innovations, which have been profound in many respects, while remaining true to our principles and values, have led us to reflect on and rethink the name of our own brand. The time has come, therefore, to share the reason why we are now NER by K2K.

Evolving has made us more aware that the New Relationship Style (NER) is something that clearly identifies our value proposition. At the same time, we feel comfortable referring to K2K as the organisation that has allowed us to develop the NER over more than two decades.

From the combination of the central conceptual elements of the action, on the one hand, NER, which connects us with what we do; and, on the other, K2K, which appeals directly to who we are, that is, the team of people with their own way of developing NER, our new brand NER by K2K, the concrete application that we make of NER from the K2K team, has arisen.

With this combination of terms we want to offer a more complete image and better express who we are, what unites us and what is our differential contribution, our commitment and our responsibility.

NER by K2K is our new brand that we are launching today with all our enthusiasm and excitement.