Sentimos. Pensamos. Hacemos.

We are now passing the equator. This is the fifth chapter in the series in which we are sharing the main pillars of our own evolution in recent years. In the first instalment, we recounted those first moments of exploration, of inspiration, of lifting our gaze; in the second chapter, we talked about our vocation to share; in the third instalment, we explained how we have progressively redesigned our services in response to new demands. In the fourth instalment, we shared something that we had never done before: the transformation of a territory. Now, let’s look more closely at horizontal growth.

The NerbyK2K Advanced Seminar, besides being a very powerful tool for the transmission of knowledge and experience, is also a place where you can meet great professionals. In March 2019, KomuNer was born, a community of applied experimentation, learning and dissemination, inspired by the New Style of Relationships (NER), and made up of people who have experienced our Seminars. The aim was to provide a reference and role model for the NER, worldwide, through the creation of communities that share, study, and transmit experiences on the humanisation of enterprises.

That same year we began to grow horizontally within the team itself, regularly collaborating with professionals from Catalonia, Mexico, and Portugal, colleagues and travelling companions who help us to go further and with whom we share a relationship style based on ethics, coherence, trust, self-management, freedom and responsibility, generosity, and long-term vision. This way we have been able to bring NERbyK2K to new markets, transcending the geographical territory in which we had historically operated to support profound cultural change within organisations that were, mainly, in Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa.

At the same time, the team based in Euskadi began to search for someone who could permanently join us on this journey. “We are looking for a restless and creative person, someone who is engaged and positive, with strong communication skills, who is passionate and enjoys working within a team, and with other teams, someone who can inspire and be inspired,” we announced in November 2019. The response was incredible. We received proposals from many people and, following our practical approach when implementing the NER, it was the whole team that selected Alicia González as their new travelling companion. Alicia defined herself as determined, resourceful, and committed. And she certainly is! One year later, Xavier Costa joined the team, working from Barcelona. Xavier, whom we met during one of our seminars in Bilbao, confesses that every day he discovers the tremendous value of every single person in our evolution towards a better world. And he feels comfortable leading this evolution.

At difficult times, such as the onset of the pandemic, we decided to take a step forward: in April 2020, we promoted a great alliance between 141 organisations and professionals from 11 countries to advocate for a collective way out of the coronavirus crisis. Multinationals, NGOs, institutions, cooperatives, limited companies, and professionals signed a manifesto, which we called #NerFuture, in which we called for an active role in the debate and the practical construction of organisations and society in the post-coronavirus era. “Things are not going to go back to the way they were before COVID-19 and we don’t yet know what the future will look like; the question is who is going to shape that future on this occasion, so we don’t make the mistake of exacerbating social inequalities again,” we warned the representatives of this alliance, which involved more than 3,500 people in its organisations.

In addition to making a series of contributions to the social debate to ensure that the necessary redesign of our lifestyle would be more in line with our values, we committed ourselves to working collectively, building networks, bridges and paths to overcome the “every man for himself” attitude and focus on uniting and working together to save everyone, developing the concept of self-management so that freedom, co-responsibility, and joint decisions would remain the hallmarks of our identity: “We are not going to leave anyone behind in this crisis. We do not yet know what we will have to do, but we know full well how we will do it: transparently, responsibly, and always thinking about people, especially the most fragile members of our organisations and our society.”