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Many small organisations that are entrepreneurial, creative and collaborative at heart lose their magic spark when they grow and become bureaucratic and hierarchical. At K2K Emocionando we know that this doesn’t need to be that way. With the New Relationship Style (NER) organisations can remain agile and innovative and at, the same time, become more resilient and able to deal with the additional complexity growing organisations face. We know this because we have implemented this new style of relationships in more than 100 organisations of all types, sectors and sizes.

To make our approach and expertise accessible to small businesses that are facing this critical inflection point, we have designed Ner Ignites, a programme in which we will form a cohort of 6-10 organisations that want to make the transition to this new style of business management. For nine months, we will hold monthly group sessions and one-on-one mentoring sessions to help these organisations transform to a new paradigm based on collaboration, freedom, accountability and transparency. 

In addition, we have partnered with Tuff Leadership, an organisation that also has an extensive track record in supporting leaders to adopt a new “way of being” that is less directive and more conducive for colleagues to develop & grow.

The programme is structured around three phases: Alignment, Co-Creation and Roll Out.

  • In the Alignment phase we will cover the values and practices associated to the New Relationship Style. Every owner and employee of every organisation needs to understand and feel an alignment with these values and what they mean, before deciding to go ahead with this transformation. With the Tuff Leadership team you will also get to analyse your own style and understand which ways of being no longer serve you and which ones you want to adopt in your transition to this new business style. This phase will culminate with a general vote by all employees where, at least, 80% must want to embark on this journey. 
  • During the Co-creation phase, and once the organization has decided to go ahead, we will support you in designing your new operating rhythm and organisational design. We will review roles and responsibilities, salaries and key performance indicators, and help you co-create with your teams how you would like your new organisation to operate and look like.
  • Once de design is completed, it is time to turn on the lights. In the Roll Out phase we will do just that. We will start operating in the ‘new paradigm’ and we will support you fine-tune how you work in real time. We will cover topics such as meeting effectiveness, decision making, and with the Tuff Leadership team you will continue to practice a new way of being, as you operate with a new style.

If you are a small business owner who truly believes in the potential of collaborative, human-centred organisations where power and leadership are distributed, get in touch with us. We will schedule a chat with you to answer all the questions you might have, and help you assess if this is for you.